About Us

As the previous owner of an award-winning hotel and an innovative restaurant, I could also smell the promise of success in that bite of bolognese.

Greece has the best conditions for truffle cultivation: The perfect dry soil in the summer, and the moisture rest of the year. As our little village up in the Olympus Mountains began getting more rain in the last decade, our truffles have grown much bigger and tastier.

We harvest around 882 lbs (400 kg) of wild truffles in three varieties: White, Black Winter, Black Summer. You might not be familiar with Greek truffles but they taste sweeter and earthier than anything you might have tried before.

Through our family-owned and operated business, I want to share with you this treasure that we have kept to ourselves for generations up in the Mountains of the 12 Gods. I give you: Olymbos Truffles.

Wild Black Winter Truffles

Black Truffles have a strong, earthy taste that is distinctive and unique. More common than delicate and hard to spot White Truffles, they are used in a variety of dishes from different cuisines. You can insert a slice beneath the chicken skin before roasting or wrap fish with it. They go well with all kinds of red meat and cheese.

Our truffle-hunting dogs dig our Wild Black Winter Truffles from under the beech trees, black pines or oaks. We harvest our first Wild Black Winter Truffles in October and continue to pick them until December. They come in A and B qualities packing a strong aroma that works wonders in your dishes, whether at home or at your professional kitchen.

Wild White Truffles

White Truffles are rare as gold and even more elusive to hunt. Their season and shelf-life are usually shorter too. All good reasons why they are so precious. Their earthy taste is more pronounced when paired with muted flavors such as pasta, rice or polenta. A few shavings will be more than enough to infuse your whole dish with the divine taste of the Earth’s Gold.

Found under the chestnut trees in our village, our Wild White Truffles tuber magnatum weigh as high as 100 grams and over. They come out in September with the first gentle rains of the fall and mature as late as the end of December. We have A+, A and B quality white truffles for you to savor in your own home or at your restaurant.

Wild Black Summer Truffles

The aroma of black truffles is intensified in the summer, giving our Wild Black Summer Truffles their exceptional flavor. These lumpy gems grow to a larger size than their winter counterparts, and they have a yellowish interior that looks divine on any kind of pasta. You can infuse your butter with it or blend it into red meat dishes, especially pasta sauce.

The season for our Wild Black Summer Truffles is from June till August. Their musky smell and rich-umami taste will titillate all of your five senses. Enjoy with a glass of aged wine.